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Yankee Cowboy Thesis

Yankee cowboys thesis is the view that American capitalists are split into two segments as a result of government expenditures, which created yankee cowboys with different interests and policies from the corporate liberals of the East.

The elite yankee cowboys benefit from government contracts in defense, aerospace, and electronic industry. Yankee cowboys are said to favor more violent, police state tactics in dealing with foreign and other domestic opposition to capitalism. The question is, is the ruling class split and engaged in mutual destruction or are the differences in interest and policy contained such that capitalism still rules America? 

"Yankee versus Cowboy" was a theory that had resonance twenty-five years ago. The theory of new money versus old money battling it out for control of America does not seem to apply so much anymore. 

The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate - Carl Oglesby.

When the President Bleeds, who will Clean up the Blood?, - Herbert L Calhoun "paulocal" - This is the first of several high-level political analyses motivated by a need to better understand the politics that led to both the JFK assassination and the Nixon Watergate Affair.

What all of these events had in common was that they were links in a chain designed to replace one set of power elite (members of the old Eastern Yankee Establishment) with another (the Nuevo Riche and newly arrived, "progress through war" Western Cowboys).

It is argued here that the events connecting Dallas, Memphis, Watergate and the demise of the Hughes empire, are but threads in a common fabric, growing and evolving directly out of the systematic corruption of American politics and out of contemporary political realities.

What Oglesby proposes in this analysis is that it is the Yankee-Cowboy War that has finally lulled us to sleep. We have been socialized into hiding behind our favorite power elite team jerseys, outsourcing our hard won freedoms and power by proxy to those Yankees and Cowboys.

Yankee-Cowboy War may be a game with a winning strategy. However, for us, the true heirs and the true sovereigns of American democracy, trickle-down Socialism, or trickledown Cowboy Entrepreneurism is a losing proposition whether our proxy is a Cowboy or a Yankee, whether our political party is democrat or republican, and whether our team jersey is red or blue.