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A member of the royal family descended from the union of the Welsh Squire Owen Tudor (d.1461) and Henry V's widow Catherine of Valois. Tudor refers to the period of English history from 1485 to 1603 when the nation's monarchs were descended from Owen Tudor and Queen Catherine (1401-1437) widow of King Henry V.

Tudor line of English monarchs included Henry VIII (1491-1547) famous for his six marriages and the establishment of Protestantism in England and for strengthening the central power of the state.

The greatest of the tudor monarchs, and the last, was Elizabeth I (1533-1603), Henry's daughter who ascended the throne in 1558 and during her 45 year reign modernized the English state administration, rationalized public finance and further strengthened central government.

Tudor monarchs ruled their domains for just over a century. Henry VIII (r. 1509–1547) was the only son of Henry VII to live to the age of maturity. Issues around royal succession became major political themes during the Tudor era. These achievements established conditions where trade and commerce could rapidly expand and created some of the early foundations for the age of exploration and the industrial revolution.

Tudoresque - characteristic of the Tudor period in Tudor style, or resembling the Tudor style. A style of architecture prevalent under monarchs of the house of Tudor characterized particularly by half-timbering and appropriate decoration.

Tudor Period

The Tudor Period arrived in 1485 when Henry Tudor stood, victorious, on the battlefield at Bosworth. The Tudor period is the period between 1485 and 1603 in England and Wales. The Reformation transformed English religion during the Tudor period. Historians agreed that the great theme of Tudor history was the Reformation, the transformation of England from Catholicism to Protestantism. The Tudor period coincides with the dynasty of the House of Tudor in England whose first monarch was Henry VII.