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Theodor Adorno

Among distinguished sociologists, Theodor Adorno was one the foremost thinkers on aesthetics and philosophy, and a critic of both fascism and the 'cultural industries'. Theodor Adorno was a member of the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Theodor Adorno spent a great part of his life in his native Germany. Theodor Adorno argued that social theory had to maintain a critical edge.

Adorno attacked approaches used in social studies, those claiming to be scientific and quantitative, because they did not provide a basis for the transformation of society. Adorno is best known for his critique of mass culture in the modern world. Theodor Adorno saw this as being purveyed by a culture industry and as manipulative of the masses. Adorno's works include: Prisms (1967), Dialectic of Enlightenment (1973), Minima Moralia (1974) and Negative Dialectics (1966).