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Technophile literally, is a lover of technology, not a psychological condition or a disorder. Technophile sees the positive benefits deriving from technology and advocates increased use of technology as a solution to economic, social and political problems within the society. The idea of technophilia as used in the critical theory of society, describes the new forms of enthusiasm for new technologies and technological innovations. Technophilia is a strong enthusiasm for new technologies such as Computers and the Internet.


Technophilia and Technophobia

The term technophilia is contrasted with technophobia and is used in sociology when examining the interaction of individuals with their society. Technophilia and technophobia are the two extremes between technology and society. The technophile regards most or all technology positively, adopts new forms of technology enthusiastically, new technologies such as personal computers, the Internet and mobile phones. Technophile sees it as a means to improve life and as a means to combat social problems. 

Technophiles can be described as geeks who are obsessed with technology. Technophiles are early adopters of technological advances without even giving it a thought. Unlike a technophobe, technophiles believe technology will make their lives more efficient. A die-hard technophile will have many of the latest devices and will have no issue justifying having more than one iphone or ipad. A technophile needs constant updates of technology without which she will become depressed and experience symptoms of technophilia like discomgoogolation.

A Technophile Looks at Technology, Education, and Art. 
Munoz, Zina C. Source: Art Education, v46 n6 p48-49 Nov 1993 
Abstract: Asserts that introducing educational technology into the K-12 curriculum is a major trend. Presents a set of questions that educators should answer as they increase the use of technology in the classroom. Maintains educators need to resist the temptation to use technology to replace important educational activities rather than to enhance them.

Confessions of a Technophobe and a Technophile: The Changing Perspective of Technology in ESL. Hayward, Nancy M.; Tuzi, Frank - Source: TESOL Journal, v12 n1 p3-8 Spr 2003. Abstract: Two university professors discuss the benefits of shared expertise and e-feedback in the design of an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) writing course.