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According to Max Weber the spirit of capitalism is rationalization. Spirit of capitalism is methodical and calculating in the pursuit of profit. Spirit of capitalism had its origins in Protestantism. The spirit of capitalism may increase or decrease risk aversion in stock markets, and may actually decrease the prices of risky assets. Max Weber argues that the spirit of capitalism is the drive to organize work to most efficiently achieve the goals of profit or business success.

Benjamin Franklin's life shows that his attachment to capitalist values of profit accumulation was wholly pragmatic not deriving from his religious beliefs. A detailed examination of Franklin's life and works reveals a very different story. State Capitalism merely substituted bureaucratic domination by the state and state officials for that of owners of capital. Spirit of Capitalism is methodical and calculating in the pursuit of profit. Karaoke Capitalism is institutionalized imitation, where copycat firms dominate. Crony Capitalism arises when political cronyism extends into the business domain.

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