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Sociology Departments Zimbabwe

Africa University
Department of Sociology
P.O. Box 1320, Mutare, Zimbabwe.

University of Zimbabwe
Department of Sociology
P.O. Box MP 167
Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Professor Michael Bourdillon has taught in the Department of Sociology of the University of Zimbabwe for over 25 years. He has also taught at the University of Calabar in Nigeria. He was a founding member of Streets Ahead, an organization working for street children in Harare, and has been on the board since its inception.

Magaiza Grey
November 2004 to August 2008 University Lecturer (Temporary/Full-time)
University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of Social Sciences, Mt Pleasant, Harare.

Sunungurai  Dominica  Chingarande  is  a  lecturer  in  the  Sociology  Department  at  the  University of Zimbabwe in Mt Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe. 

Dr. M. Mhloyi, Director
Sociology Department
University of Zimbabwe
P.O. Box MP l67
Mount Pleasant

Population Studies Program
Department of Sociology
University of Zimbabwe