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Yemeni Devlopment Institute
TheYemeni Institute for Development was established in 1989 to participate in the development of human capabilities. The Institute aims to forge relations with institutes inside and outside of Yemen. It offers educational and and developmental services in the Republic of Yemen, believing that the issue of development has become a scientific, academic issue, with economic, social, political and cultural ramifications.

Al-Andalus for science & technology University
Al-Andalus for science & technology University seeks excellence in the field of human and applied sciences, and also to become a scientifically targeted place to the acquisition of science and knowledge, where the university has committed itself to keep abreast of globalization and able to compete. All this comes only by making an immense effort in providing the university with specialized teaching staff with efficiency and expertise as well as the modernization of curricula and in proportion to the labour market.

How Yemenis View Educated Women
By: Fatima Uqba, Sanaa.

Afaf Al-Haimi, MA degree, Department of Sociology, teacher of Medical Sociology. Married with 4 children. She said:
"Our society views women as inferior whether they are educated or not. An educated woman is a better housewife. Education bestows on women composure and strong personality.
"However, men like very young and uneducated women. From my experience as a wife, mother, student, and teacher, I can feel the stress, but never heard a harsh word from anyone in my family or from my colleagues."

Raja'a Al-Masa'abi, MA Degree in Women's Information, Information Department. Unmarried. She said:
"Men's backward view of educated women is a common one. I consider education for women like a weapon in war. An educated women is generally more considerate towards the need of her husband and children. The main drawback is that she is always nervous because she has more responsibilities - at home and in her career.
"From my experience, men are selfish. They prefer young and uneducated women because they are easier to control and boss around. Personally I'm proud of my education."