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Sociology Departments United Arab Emirates

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
United Arab Emirates University
Mohammed Mahmoud Aboelenein, Ph.D.
Chairman, Department of Sociology.

Professor Soad Osman Ahmed
Department of Sociology
Students take core courses and electives. These include Social Theory, Social and Cultural Change, Bedouin and Rural Sociology, Sociology of Education, and of Organization, as well as many other courses.

University of Sharjah
DR.Ahmad Falah Alomosh
The Department of Sociology in the faculty of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences offers a BA degree in sociology. Its mission is to provide students with an academic qualification through acquiring scientific and critical thinking that will enable them to use and apply sociological concepts and theories in order to understand and analyze social issues and phenomena.

BR.Mohammed Issa Barhoum
Dr. Hussain M Alothman
DR. Hashim Abdulla Sulaiman Sarhan
Dr. Osama Ismiel Abdelbary.