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Social Science in Asia Monograph Series
The Social Sciences in Asia Monograph Series was initiated by the editorial team of the Asian Journal of Social Science at the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore. This Series was originally called, Asian Social Science Series, with Brill and Times Academic Press co-publishing the first three volumes between 2001 and 2002. It was renamed 'Social Sciences in Asia' in 2003 and now carries only the Brill imprint. Published under the imprint of Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, the Series publishes original material and revised editions of special issues of the Asian Journal of Social Science. All manuscripts are reviewed anonymously by two expert readers in the field.

The Series welcomes submissions from sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, economists, geographers, historians and cultural studies specialists working on any aspect of Asia. Its inter-disciplinary orientation serves to encompass a broad range of theoretical and substantive interests. It has thus far published 4 monographs and several others are in the pipeline at various stages of production.

The Social Indicators Research Project, co-organised with the Department
of Sociology, National University of Singapore.

SOCIOLOGY blog SINGAPORE - Research and Practice at NUS Sociology

NUS SOCIOLOGY SOCIETY goes a long way back in history. It was officially registered with Registry of Societies on 13 Sept. 1967. The society has maintained its core objectives consistently over the years – to continually promote and foster interest in sociology among prospective Faculty of Arts of Social Sciences (FASS) students and undergraduates.

To meet the ever-changing needs of the different student cohorts, the society has come up with a wider variety of programmes to better serve the students. These include the past South-east Asian Journal of Sociology to the current career talks and module field trips.

Through various activities and exciting events, our society aims to reach out to the student population in NUS. The Society attempts to promote its profile and boost its presence on campus by organising bazaar, annual orientation camp and many social gathering and events which promises students an enriching undergraduate life in NUS. The society also reaches out to potential FASS students through open houses, annual matriculation fair to promote Sociology as a discipline.

By joining NUS Sociology Society, we hope that you would be able to gain invaluable benefits! You are sure to be able to learn sociology in a fun and interactive way, gain leadership experiences and enhance organisational skills by joining the committee to serve the student population. Most importantly, NUS SOCIOLOGY SOCIETY will definitely be a part of your most unforgettable memories of your campus life !!!! So we hope to see you soon at our exciting events!

National University of Singapore, Singapore
B.Soc.Sci.(Hons.) in Sociology
Bachelors Degree (Singapore)
Awarding body:
National University Of Singapore
Course description:
This program offers a comprehensive curriculum comprising a rich diversity of modules focusing on exciting contemporary issues, ranging from popular culture, media and communications, race and ethnic relations, gender and sexuality, health, religion, law and deviance. These modules help students develop a good understanding of sociology and learn how it can be used to analyse and explain a broad spectrum of social phenomena. Students also acquire critical thinking, analytical and basic research skills through fieldwork, internships, and participation in research projects supervised by professors.
Entry requirements:
Students who propose to major in Sociology under the Faculty of Arts and Social Science should have a strong interest in the subject, and good results at the G.C.E. 'A' Levels, including General Paper.