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Sociology Departments in Poland

Department of Population Studies 
The history of the Department of Population Studies is linked with the long tradition of demographic interests at the Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University. Research is not only institutional, but also deals with theoretical material.

Department of Rural Sociology & Agrarian Relations 
The department was founded in March 1999 as an offshoot of the Department for the Sociology of Social Structures.
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. (hab.) Lucjan Kocik.

Academic Staff: Dr. (hab.) Zygmunt Serega
Prof. Dr. (hab.) Krzysztof Gorlach
Dr. Zbigniew Dršg
Dr. Katarzyna Gilarek.

Wroclaw University was established in the 16th century. On July 20 1505 Ladislaus II Jagiello [Wladyslaw II Jagiello], the king of Bohemia and Hungary, signed the foundation deed. However, due to numerous obstacles the University did not develop. Two hundred years later, in 1702, a small Jesuit academy with two faculties (Philology and Theology) was founded by the Austrian emperor Leopold I Habsburg Habsburg and named Leopoldian Academy.
Faculty of Social Sciences 
ul.Koszarowa 3 51-149 Wroclaw 
The Faculty comprises: 
Institute of German and European Studies, Institute of Philosophy, Institute of Political Sciences, Institute of Sociology, Department of Logic and Methodology of Sciences. 

Instytut Socjologii miesci sie przy ulicy Plac Uniwersytecki 1
SEKRETARIAT tel./fax (085) 745 71 04, pok. 35a (parter) 
Dyrektor: prof. zw. dr hab. Wlodzimierz Pawluczuk
tel. (085)745-75-24, pok. 35a
Z-ca Dyrektora: dr Malgorzata Karczewska.