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Department Of Sociology
Head of Department: Dr V Winterfeldt 
Professor: Prof. P Mufune, MA, PhD ( Michigan State ) 
Senior Lecturers: Ms A Odendaal, MA, HED (US).

Dr V Winterfeldt, MA, PhD 
Lecturers: Mr T Fox, BSc (Hons) (South Bank, London ), MSc ( London ) 
Ms MB Kaundjua, BNSc Hons (Unam), MA (Population and Development) (ISS, The Hague ) 
Ms L Edwards-Jauch, BA (Unam), MPhil (UCT).

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the traditional strongholds of the academic, research and community outreach structures at UNAM. It is instrumental to the advancement of the scientific discourse pertaining to the philosophical, linguistic, spiritual, psychological, and artistic elements of humanness. In addition to the numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees on offer, the Faculty also offers three well-designed diploma courses, thus providing students, including those who do not meet the traditional entry requirements. These are the diploma courses in Information Studies, Theology and Diploma in Visual Arts.

Sociology is offered as a minor and double major/single major subject in the BA programme. A student who holds a BA degree with Sociology as a single or double major and who complies with the University’s regulations for postgraduate studies is eligible to apply for admission to postgraduate (MA) studies in Sociology.