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Kenyatta University - Academic Staff and Specialisations
The department has 1 Professor, 10 Ph.D and 8 Masters holders in the following areas of specialization: Research Methods, Sociology of Education, Industrial Sociology, Gender and Development, Food security, Theory, Research and Industry, Demography, Education, Gerontology, Medical Sociology, Political of Sociology, among others. Specialty and Branding: The department offers a unique blend of specialty in Medical Sociology, Rural Sociology, Urban Sociology, Industrial Sociology and Social Demography. In addition, the department offers unique professional courses in Crime and Disaster Management and is the first in the region to offer a Diploma in Gerontology.

* B.A. in Criminology
* B.A. in Social Work
* Diploma in Community Organization and Development
* Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
* Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Development

* Certificate in Crime Management and Prevention
* Certificate in Gerontology
* B.A. in Gerontology.

Further, the department has an active Sociology Club with a membership of 60 undergraduate students which is coordinated by 2 members of staff. The club provides a forum for students to link with communities, Industry, government and civil society through seminars, community service and various symposia.
Specialized areas:
Diploma in Crime Management and Prevention 20
Diploma in Disaster Management and Prevention (Offered through Institute of Open Learning) 15

Mike Kiplagat Chepkong’a
University of Nairobi, Sociology Department
P.O. Box 30197, Nairobi
Telephone Number: (Office) 318262 Ext. 28167 Nairobi
Cell phone: 0722 – 762108

Catholic University of East Africa
Department of Sociology
P.O. Box 25205

Kenyatta University
Department of Sociology
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Moi University
Department of Sociology
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The University of Nairobi
Department of Sociology
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