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Sociology Departments In Japan

Ryukoku University/Department of Sociology
Educational Activities - Faculty of Sociology - Department of Sociology, Ryukoku
Discovering Problems in Society. The Department offers the following four courses which focus on issues including social consciousness, industry, politics, environment, family, culture to approach a broad range of study in sociology.
Social Consciousness Course
Evaluates current level of social consciousness and investigates ways of increasing it.
Media Course - Examines the people and their culture through communication and society.

Clinical Sociological Course
Examines actual situations, causes, and solutions of problems in society.
Environmental Sociological Course
Surveys the relationship between environmental and social issues.

Shukutoku University
Having the Mahayana Buddhist ideal of "coexistence" as its founding spirit, Shukutoku University aims to nurture human resources through providing practical education that places value on human empathy and relationships with people in modern settings.

Edogawa University College of Sociology. Department of Sociology and Human Studies.

Kyoto University
Department of Sociology, Graduate School of Letters

School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
The Graduate School of Human Sciences conducts research on humans by analyzing and evaluating human behavior, psychology and society, for the better comprehension of human beings and the creation of mechanisms to enable humanity to live humanely.

Toyo University - Faculty of Sociology

Nihon University

Shizuoka University

SSM (Social Stratification and Social Mobility) project has collected personal histories, concerned with social status and inequality, with national representative samples in Japan.