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Sociology Departments in Indonesia

Muhammadiya University Of Malang
Department of Industrial Sociology
Industrial Sociology is established in order to contribute to the country‘s industrial development. The curriculum is designed in order to produce professional graduates who are able to link the society development and industrialization process in Indonesia.

University of Indonesia - Dept Of Sociology
Prof.Dr. Amri Marzali, MA.
Professor of Socio Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Kamanto Sunarto.

Professor of Sociology of Health
Prof. Paulus Tangdilintin    
Professor of Social Welfare Studies
Prof. Dr. Jasmine Z. Shahab    
Professor of Anthropology-Demographics.

Hokky Situngkir
Department of Computational Sociology
Bandung Fe Institute
Jl. Sarimadu No. 99
Blok 25 Sarijadi, Bandung 40151
Founder and Researcher in Bandung Fe Institute
Research Fellow at Surya Research International
Editor Member of Journal of Social Complexity
Field of Interests
Postmodern Sociology, Cultural Studies, Artificial Society, Dynamical Psychology, Social Theory, Agent-Based Programming, Philosophy of Science,Computational Finance.