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Sociology Departments Denmark

University of Copenhagen
Dapartment of Sociology
Head of department: Carsten S Jensen
Leader of studies: Allan Madsen
Leader of PhD-studies: Henning Bech

Institut for Sociologi, Socialt Arbejde og Organisation
The Department is responsible for the Board of Studies for Sociology, Social Work (bac.) and Social Work (MSc.). In addition staff members teach at other educational programs at Aalborg University e.g. Business Studies, Master of Labour Market and Personel Management (MAP), Master of Public Administration (MPA) and the Master Program in Social Studies.

Research: The Department’s main research areas comprise: Sociology, social work, working life and organisation. Research activities often combines approaches and theories from different disciplines and the department favours both applied research both as well as basic research.
Department of Sociology, Social Wordk and Organisation.