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Australian National University: Sociology Program at La Trobe University.
The Sociology Program at La Trobe University was established in 1967. It rapidly became one of the largest and best known sociology programs in the world. Sociology is now home for the Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology and Thesis Eleven - the international journal of critical theory and historical sociology.

University of Melbourne
Studying sociology at The University of Melbourne provides students with a strong grounding in core areas of the discipline. Key subjects such as "Understanding Society", "Social Science Research Methods", and "Contemporary Sociological Theory" provide students with knowledge of key issues, approaches and debates in the discipline.

Subjects are also offered in a more specific range of cutting edge areas including the body, risk, terrorism, youth, and media, while students also have the opportunity to take related subjects from other disciplines as part of a major in sociology. We also offer a popular internship program, in which students have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt to real life organisational contexts.

University of New England
Sociology and Criminology are closely linked. Sociology is the study of social life and the way it is constituted by orderliness and organisation and by the way it is created and re-created by people acting together. Criminology is the study of a subset of orderliness and organisation that produces the idea of crime and deviance, along with associated matters such as what particular activities are labelled crime, when are individuals regarded as criminals, and how are the resulting 'crimes' and 'criminals' dealt with by organisations like police forces and courts.

Flinders University Department of Sociology
The Flinders University Department of Sociology is one of the premier sociology departments in Australia with an intensive research culture, eminent staff and an international student body. Flinders Sociology has played an important role in shaping the course of social research and policy in Australia. Now, at its 30-year anniversary, Flinders Sociology continues its rigorous research culture and engagement with public policy issues.

Sociology at Macquarie University
Sociology at Macquarie has earned a strong reputation for its research and teaching programs. Our undergraduate program covers exciting areas that include: contemporary Australian society, popular culture, the sociology of media, the sociology of work and social policy, the place of intimacy in social life, social movements and social theory.
Sociology hosts the Interdisciplinary Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality program

Monash University - Staff in Sociology
Professor Alan Petersen
Discipline Convenor

University of New South Wales
The School of Social Sciences and International Studies (SSIS) offers students the opportunity to attain either a PhD in, or a Master of Arts by Research in Sociology. Exploring the social and cultural realities of human life, Sociology is an area of study for students with a special interest in human relationships and the networks of cooperation, conflict and communication which constitute any society.

University of Newcastle
Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology and Anthropology both concern the study of society. They explore social and cultural issues such as gender, the family, class and social status, ethnic divisions, religion and culture. Sociology is the study of contemporary social issues, social institutions, and social relationships to understand social order and social change.

University of Queensland
The sociology discipline at The University of Queensland has a longstanding tradition and is widely recognised as a leader in sociological scholarship in Australia. It has been further enhanced in recent years by the addition of a new program in criminology, which is strongly underpinned by sociological theories into the study of crime and deviance.

University of Sydney
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
The University of Sydney's programs in Sociology and Social Policy are relatively new, having both starting in 1991. The Department offers a unique and dynamic approach to each field. The courses combine studies of theory, research and application of policies to real world issues. The Sociology Program emphasizes a historical and comparative approach to the study of social life and applies research and theory to contemporary social issues.

University of Tasmania
The School of Sociology & Social Work offers several undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, including an active research and higher degree programme that includes Masters and PhD studies. Our staff is fully committed to providing a high quality learning experience.

Central Queensland University.