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To stimulate and communicate research, critical thought, and theory development on issues pertaining to the sociology of sport. To cover all aspects of sport and leisure globally from anthropological, cultural, economic, historical, political and sociological perspectives. Because athletics traditionally has been seen as incompatible with traditional roles for women, female athletes have been expected to experience gender role conflict as they attempt to identify with incompatible roles. Though negative stereotypes of female athletes persist, research has found little such conflict. Sport is a popular leisure activity in the United States and has become a large promotional tool for big business.

Introduction to the Evolution of Leisure - LEISURE - Freedom from occupation or business; vacant time; time free from employment. "The desire of leisure is much more natural than of business and care." -- Sir W. Temple.

SOSOL is an international electronic forum for the stimulation and dissemination of research concepts and theory relating to the sociological examination of sport, physical education and coaching.

Research Committee on Sociology of Sport RC27.
Objectives: The Research Committee on Sociology of Sport was established to achieve the aims of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and ISA, and in particular, to further research and scholarship related to the social meaning and significance of physical activity and sport; to promote international cooperation in the field of sociology of sport; to identify sociological problems in sport, and where appropriate, organize international research projects concerning same.

Institute of Sport and Recreation Management.

Sociology of Leisure and Sport - Bibliography

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - Robert Weinberg and Daniel Gould
In the newly revised and updated Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology, third edition, students and professionals will find a comprehensive array of information that bridges the gap between research and practice and captures the excitement of the world of sport and exercise. The following are new features of this third edition:
Extensive material on motivation, social loafing, and group development
Expanded coverage of leaders in sport, including information on expectations, values, beliefs, and behavioral guidelines for coaches
Research on anxiety and team-energizing strategies.

Comprehensive data on hypnosis phases, techniques, and their effects
Details on the use of imagery in sport
An entire section on goal mapping
Updated information on eating disorders in sport
A comprehensive section on exercise addiction
Material on sport aggression, moral development, cooperation, and gender differences in competition.

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Four kinds of Tourism? Elery Hamilton-Smith, Philip Institute of Technology, Australia.

Sociology of Leisure And Sport - Journals

The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure - We hope that by introducing this journal we can open a new chapter of research that combines many disciplines; sociology, public administration, politics, psychology, housing management, economics, social history, leisure studies, mass communication, social work and many others.

Japan Journal of Sport Sociology - The Japan Society of Sport Sociology was established in March 1991. The purpose of it is to understand sport sociologically, in all its social manifestations.

Sociology of Sport Journal (SSJ) - Official Publication of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS). - Published four times a year, the Sociology of Sport Journal was created to stimulate and communicate research, critical thought, and theory development on issues pertaining to the sociology of sport. The journal publishes empirical, theoretical, and position papers, book reviews, and critical essays. Analyses of sport from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives are encouraged and submissions concerning with sport, play, games, exercise, leisure, and body culture are welcomed.

Journal of Sport and Social Issues - For you, the scholar of sport and culture, sports do matter. That's why the Journal of Sport & Social Issues is such an indispensable resource. JSSI brings you the latest research, discussion and analysis on contemporary sport issues. Using an international, interdisciplinary perspective, JSSI examines today's most pressing and far-reaching questions about sport.

The Sport Journal - A Publication of the United States Sports Academy in cooperation with the International Coaches Association and the International Association of Sports Academies.

The LA84 Foundation operates the largest sports research library in North America, the Paul Ziffren Sports Resource Center. It is a state-of-the-art research facility and learning center dedicated to the advancement of sports knowledge and scholarship. The Foundation also maintains a sizable collection of historic sport art and artifacts much of which was inherited from the former Helms Athletic Foundation Sports Halls of Fame.

Soccer and Society is the first international journal devoted to the world's most popular game. It will cover all aspects of soccer globally from anthropological, cultural, economic, historical, political and sociological perspectives. The international nature of Soccer and Society means that articles submitted in French, Italian and Spanish will be translated on submission and then considered for publication. Soccer and Society will encourage and favour clearly written research, analysis and comment. ISSN 1466-0970.

Sport Management Review is the official journal of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand. The review looks at sport from a management perspective.

The Journal of Olympic History, the official publication of the International Society of Olympic Historians contains in-depth articles on Olympic topics from around the globe.

The Journal of Sport History has been published by the North American Society for Sport History since 1974. The journal seeks to promote the study of all aspects of sport history.

The Online Journal of Sport Psychology. Over the past several years, both coaches and athletes have started to realize that strength, speed and other athletic skills are not sufficient for the production of championship athletes. Athletic performance has three parts: physical preparation, technical skill, and psychological readiness. This model suggests that if any of the above areas
are neglected, athletic performance will decline. However, psychological preparation is the component that is most often neglected by athletes and coaches alike.