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Sociology in Switzerland: Institutions and Departments.

Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich.

Specific Focus Areas - Chairs
* Marlis Buchmann: Life course, social stratification and mobility, sociology of education, occupation and labour markets, social and cultural change
* Eldad Davidov: Methods and empirical social research, international comparisons, structural equation models, panel data, attitudes and values, decision theories

* Hans Geser: Political sociology, sociology of communities and political parties, organizational and occupational sociology, new communication technologies
* Kurt Imhof: Sociology of public sphere, social movements, sociology of minorities, social change, social theory
* Jörg Rössel: Sociological theory, empirical cultural sociology, social stratification, political sociology, comparative historical sociology
* Marc Szydlik: Social stratification, life course, labour market, generations, empirical research.

Overall Focus Areas - Labour / Occupation
Marlis Buchmann, Hans Geser, Marc Szydlik

Empirical Methods
Eldad Davidov, Jörg Rössel, Marc Szydlik
Historical Sociology.

Marlis Buchmann, Kurt Imhof, Jörg Rössel
Information and Communication Technology

Hans Geser, Kurt Imhof

Marlis Buchmann, Eldad Davidov, Kurt Imhof, Jörg Rössel, Marc Szydlik
Life Course

Marlis Buchmann, Marc Szydlik

Hans Geser, Kurt Imhof
Political Parties, Unions, Democracy and Political Communication

Hans Geser, Kurt Imhof, Jörg Rössel
Religion and Culture

Eldad Davidov, Hans Geser, Kurt Imhof, Jörg Rössel
Social Stratification, Social Change

Marlis Buchmann, Eldad Davidov, Kurt Imhof, Jörg Rössel, Marc Szydlik

Marlis Buchmann, Hans Geser

Hans Geser, Kurt Imhof, Jörg Rössel, Marc Szydlik

Marlis Buchmann, Kurt Imhof.