Sociology Index

Sociology Departments in Sweden

Lunds University
The Department of Sociology at Lund university is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and consists of three divisions:
Division of Sociology, Division of Social Anthropology and Division of Education
About the Division of Sociology. Sociology is a social science that studies and analyse social relations and processes of very different kinds – everything from global relations and historical changes in society to the everyday meetings, life stories and identities of individuals. Sociologists do research on power relations, gender relations, social inequality, ethnic conflict, youth culture, mass media, child development, criminality, environmental matters, working life, housing and much else. The subject of sociology also embraces specialities such as criminology and social psychology.

SUDA, the Stockholm University Demography Unit
SUDA is part of the Department of Sociology, offering training in demography through individual courses, multi-disciplinary one- and two-year master’s degrees,
and a doctoral degree in sociological demography.
These programs are the only comprehensive demographic training in Sweden and are well connected with research schools throughout the world.
Our research concentrates on family dynamics – childbearing, partnerships, households – and the cultural, social, economic, and political conditions that underlie
them. Most of the work we do is comparative, engaging data from countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world. We are particularly interested in the
effects of social policy, gender relationships and attitudes or values on demographic behavior.

Introduction to Political Science in Goteborg
Political Science is one of the oldest and most distinguished social science disciplines. The thinkers of ancient Greece, such as Plato and Aristotle, wrote books about the state and politics. In Sweden, the world’s oldest chair in political science was created in 1622. The history of our department is more recent – our first chair was established in 1901.