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Kazan State University Centre for the Sociology of Culture
Centre for the Sociology of Culture at the Kazan State University was established in January 1996 at the start of a large-scale joint European project entitled "Development of Teaching in Social Theory and the Sociology of Culture" (EU Tempus-Tacis scheme). It has conducted a number of educational projects having developed new courses in social sciences, published over a dozen of books and implemented a vast academic exchange programme with EU universities. It has a unique library of international sources in sociology and related areas, and a computer class.

Being based at KSU, the Centre enjoys the atmosphere of both tradition and innovation. Since 1997 CSC has been associated with the KSU’s Laboratory for the Sociology of Culture which contributes to its research projects. Since 2000 the Centre has been providing its premises for the Organization of Social Sciences Teachers. The Centre’s mission is to promote the idea of culturally charged social theory as the core of innovative development of social sciences. Our understanding of the place and role of the sociology of culture is that this is not just an institutionally delimitated area of sociological enquiry, but a whole new field of cultural analysis of various social institutions and practices. CSC is active in advocating horizontal links between students of society and culture both internationally and nationally. It aims at the profound renewal of both teaching contents and methods in the respective area.

Faculty of Journalism and Sociology
The Faculty of Journalism and Sociology of Kazan State University was established in 1992 when the Faculty of Journalism was opened on the basis of the Department of Journalism organized at the University in 1962. The Departments of Sociology and Psychology were added to the Faculty in 1994 and it was called the Faculty of Journalism, Sociology and Psychology (FJSP). On April 1, 2003, the Department of Psychology left FJSP and became an independent faculty. Today, education at the Faculty of Journalism and Sociology is carried out by four departments: Sociology, Journalism, Theory and Practice of Electronic Mass Media and Tatar Journalism. - Head of the Department of Sociology: Prof. Eric Rakhmatullin

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Sociology, Moscow
Russia, 119992, Moscow, Leninskie Gory

Tomsk Polytechnic University
The address of the department of sociology, psychology and law is: Tomsk Polytechnic University, 30, Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634034, Russia.
THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY was formed in 1963-s, it counted 5 persons
At a present time 23 persons work here.
* 1 - a doctor of sciences, professor;
* 8 - candidates of sciences, assistant professors;
* 8 - senior teachers, assistants;
* 6 - scholastic-auxiliary personnel.
THE DEPARTMENT IS LEADED by Kamyshev Eduard - a professor, doctor of philosophical sciences, real member (academician) of inter-national Academy of sciences of high school.
THE DEPARTMENT organizesA PROCESS OF EDUCATION on more than 25 disciplines in areas of:
* sociology;
* psychology and educational science;
* law;
* management.
* sociology of education;
* applied sociology and marketing;
* practical psychology;
* legal ensuring of activity;
* optimization of taxes and management;
* analysis of information with the help of modern computer technologies;
* development of software.
THE DEPARTMENT realizes A PROCESS OF EDUCATION OF STUDENTS of specialty 061100 "Management of organizations".

Tver State University
CWHGS was registered in June 1999 as a non-for-profit, non-governmental women's organization. In December, it was also established as a part of the Tver State University with educational and research functions in the field of women's and gender issues. Prior to this date it had a record of creating educational programmes for women. Since early 90s, under the auspices of the club "Women's Light" at Tver State University the founders and activists of the Center started classes aiming at overcoming archaic gender stereotypes for all those interested in education in gender studies, human rights and the history of women's movement.

The Moscow University of Industry and Finance (MIFP) is a private higher school which was established in 1995. It specializes in granting a full spectrum of educational services.
Field of scientific interests of the Department of Management Sociology:
- Sociology of organization management
- Economic sociology and psychology
- Studies of conflicts
- Development of organization staff
- Social problems of economic development of an enterprise, a region, a branch
Head of the Department: Filipov Albert Vladimirovich, Ph.D. (Psychology), Professor.