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What is Socio-Economic Development?
Any programme that creates sustainable access to the economy for its beneficiaries is Socio-Economic Development. An overview of existing empirical insights on the interrelationship between the socio-cultural dimension and economic development. Contributions in Socio-Economic Development should be providing sustainable benefit. Why do some immigrant ethnic groups have more successful entrepreneurs than others? Has the Chinese family been an engine or an obstacle to economic development? What happens to socio-economic development if traditional legal arrangements in less developed countries are confronted with the Western legal system?

How do informal networks affect entrepreneurship and the working of markets? What all these questions have in common is that they point towards potential cultural or social determinants of economic development. Can and how can modern theories in cultural anthropology, sociology, and social psychology contribute to the proper analysis of processes of development? Can the state of socio-economic development be assessed in relation to the questions of unemployment and its consequences, the educational condition, the health and nutritional status of the people and the housing condition in the country?

Can native administered socio-economic development initiatives overcome the inherent conflict in the need to access wider economic opportunities and at the same time guard and enhance their own social traditions and cultural identities?

How concepts like “global culture”, “organizational culture”, “gender culture” help in the analysis of economic development?

Which are the theoretical instruments necessary to analyze processes of socio-economic development in a social and cultural context?

What are the links between population growth and economic development?

How environment movements affect human development and economic development?

What are the causes and socio-economic effects of foreign direct investment and whether the inflow of of foreign capital has both desirable and undesirable socio-economic effects?

In spite of the progress since the fall of Communism, Why do countries in Central and Eastern Europe still fall short of being transformed into vibrant societies with intellectually open-minded, socially and technologically innovative environments?

How capitalism contributes to the development and underdevelopment of the Third World?

Socio-Economic Development - Abstracts

Human Rights and Socio-Economic Development: - The Ethiopian Case - Prof Andargatchew Tesfaye, Dept. of Sociology and Social Administration, Addis Ababa Univ. - An attempt is made, to define socio- economic development in relation to the rights of people. Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other UN Declarations and conventions ratified by Ethiopia, and the various laws of the country, including the current constitution of the Federal of Ethiopia, an assessment of the state of socio-economic development is made in relation to the questions of unemployment and its consequences.

THE INSIDER-OUTSIDER DIALECTIC IN NATIVE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: A CASE STUDY IN PROCESS UNDERSTANDING - ALEXANDER LOCKHART, Department of Sociology, Trent University, Canada - I wish to discuss is that of the North Coast Tribal Council's 1 effort to become an effective socio-economic development agent for its seven constituent band communities.

The chronic problem addressed by this effort is that which Beaver so eloquently identifies in the Report of the National Indian Socio-Economic Development Committee, i.e., how are native development organizations going to avoid replicating the bureaucratic centralism and/or paternalistic approaches of their past masters, given that this past has left such a massive residue of community level distrust and skepticism over any development planning? The area of critical concern is specificly how native administered socio-economic development initiatives are to overcome the inherent conflict between the need to access wider economic opportunities while at the same time guarding and enhancing their own social traditions and cultural identities.

The social impact of economic reconstruction in Vietnam: A selected review
By Do Duc Dinh, Head, Developing Economies Study Department, Institute of World Economy, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Introduction: This literature survey is an attempt to assess the social impact of postwar economic reconstruction in Vietnam. From 1976 to 1986, the first ten years after the reunification of Vietnam, the massive effort required for the reconstruction of war damage and the restructuring of the former planned and centralized economy, left little room for the investigation of social issues.

In 1986, Vietnam embarked on a strategy of overall economic restructuring towards the creation of a market economy, marking the turning point in the process of Vietnam's socio-economic development. Since the beginning of the 1990s, this process has been further strengthened by the adoption of the "Socio-Economic Development Strategy toward the Year 2000". During this period, more attention was given to social policy issues, by both decision-makers as well as researchers.

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Ongoing Ph.D. in Sociology, University NANCY-2: "LES STRATEGIES PARTICIPATIVES ... Local - socio-economic development and democratic participation: where are we now ...

Regional IT Institute - While many developing countries view the new information handling technologies, such as the Internet, as tools for socio-economic development, they find that these technologies cannot be used in the same ways as in the industrialized countries for which they were designed.

Books On Socio-Economic Development

Socio-economic driving forces of land-use change in Kunshan, the Yangtze River Delta economic area of China [An article from: Journal of Environmental Management]. - Digital - Available for download now.

Socio-economic development and land-use change: Analysis of rural housing land transition in the Transect of the Yangtse River, China by H. Long, G.K. Heilig, X. Li, and M. Zhang - Digital - Available for download now.

Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development (Public Administration and Public Policy) by Patricia A. Cholewka and Mitra M. Motlagh

The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development : An Introduction Book by Adam Szirmai

Political Capacity and Economic Behavior Marina Arbetman (Editor), Jacek Kugler (Editor)

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Telecommunications and Socio-Economic Development Book by S. Macdonald, G. Madden

Capitalism and Development: Immanuel Wallerstein and Development Studies
Book by Leslie Sklair (Editor)

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Strategic Pragmatism: The Culture of Singapore's Economics Development Board
Book by Edgar C. Schein

States of Development: On the Primacy of Politics in Development Book by Adrian Leftwich

Canadian Indian Policy and Development Planning Theory (Native Americans: Interdisciplinary Perspectives) (Library Binding) Book by Alain Cunningham.

Socio-Economic Development  Journals

Institute for Rural and Agricultural Development - The Institute publishes the quarterly "Wies i Rolnictwo" ("Village and Agriculture"). The 100-th issue of this journal was published in 1998. The journal publishes articles on agricultural economics and rural policy, rural sociology, rural culture.

Journal of International Development - The Journal aims to publicise the best research on development issues in a form which will be accessible to practitioners and policy-makers as well as to an academic audience. The focus is on the social sciences - economics, politics, international relations, sociology and anthropology - but we are also glad to publish papers which blend the approach of the natural and the social sciences in an attack on a development problem.

The Journal wishes in particular not to represent any particular school, analytical technique or methodological approach, but to publicise any work which shows promise in confronting the problems of poverty and underdevelopment in low income countries.

Socio-Economic Development Bibliography

Levels of Socio-economic Development Theory
By David Jaffee - Praeger Publishers. Westport, Conn. 1998. 240 pages.

The theories are organized by "level of analysis" - individual, organizational, societal, and international--to provide the reader with a larger organizational scheme in which to understand the theoretical explanations and arguments and to emphasize the importance of developing linkages among the different levels. Some of the new topics discussed include: globalization, transnational organizational structures, debt, the transition from socialism to capitalism and human development.

The Economic Sociology: Textbook for Higher Educational Institutions
The textbook is aimed for students both lecturers of sociological and economic disciplines, and also everyone who is interested in questions of socio-economic development of our society. Galina N. Sokolova. ISBN 985-06-0292-9. Published by "Vysheishaya Shkola" Publishing House, Minsk, Belarus.


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