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What is Socio-Economic Development?
Any programme that creates sustainable access to the economy for its beneficiaries is Socio-Economic Development. An overview of existing empirical insights on the interrelationship between the socio-cultural dimension and economic development.

Contributions in Socio-Economic Development should be providing sustainable benefit. Why do some immigrant ethnic groups have more successful entrepreneurs than others? Has the Chinese family been an engine or an obstacle to economic development? What happens to socioeconomic development if traditional legal arrangements in less developed countries are confronted with the Western legal system?

How do informal networks affect entrepreneurship and the working of markets? What all these questions have in common is that they point towards potential cultural or social determinants of economic development. Can and how can modern theories in cultural anthropology, sociology, and social psychology contribute to the proper analysis of processes of development?

Can the state of socio-economic development be assessed in relation to the questions of unemployment and its consequences, the educational condition, the health and nutritional status of the people and the housing condition in the country?

Can native administered socio-economic development initiatives overcome the inherent conflict in the need to access wider economic opportunities and at the same time guard and enhance their own social traditions and cultural identities?

How concepts like “global culture”, “organizational culture”, “gender culture” help in the analysis of economic development?

Which are the theoretical instruments necessary to analyze processes of socio-economic development in a social and cultural context?

What are the links between population growth and economic development?

How environment movements affect human development and economic development?

What are the causes and socio-economic effects of foreign direct investment and whether the inflow of of foreign capital has both desirable and undesirable socio-economic effects?

In spite of the progress since the fall of Communism, Why do countries in Central and Eastern Europe still fall short of being transformed into vibrant societies with intellectually open-minded, socially and technologically innovative environments?

How capitalism contributes to the development and underdevelopment of the Third World?