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Social technologies are being used to connect with customers in order to build strong bond with customers and lasting relationships, through ratings and reviews, forums and communities like Facebook. These social technologies are changing the customer experience and also converting a regular customer into a brand advocate. Organizations are also placing emphasis on implementing social technologies within the workplace. As they promote a culture of collaboration between stakeholders, they are seeking the right social technologies to help facilitate this process.

Social technologies have given social interactions the speed and scale of the Internet. Whether discussing consumer products or organizing political movements, people around the world constantly use social-media platforms to seek and share information. Companies use them to reach consumers in new ways too; by tapping into these conversations.

While 72 percent of companies use social technologies in some way, very few are anywhere near to achieving the full potential benefit. The most powerful applications of social technologies in the global economy are largely untapped. Companies will go on developing ways to reach consumers through social technologies and gathering insights for product development, marketing, and customer service. The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies
July 2012 - by Michael Chui, James Manyika, Jacques Bughin, Richard Dobbs, Charles Roxburgh, Hugo Sarrazin, Geoffrey Sands and Magdalena Westergren.