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Social relations of production is another way of referring to the class structure. The social relations of production refers to the social relationships that people enter into in the production or delivery of goods and services. From a Marxist perspective these social relations of production are inevitably those of owners and non-owners or those who control the work and those who do not control the work.

In social relations of production way of thinking, social class is founded on the economy of any society and it is the pattern of class relations that give a society its central character.

This study goes beyond these assumptions to explore social relations connecting production and consumption of tourist commodities. - Culture, Economy and Tourism Commodities - Social Relations of Production and Consumption - Irena Ateljevic, Stephen Doorne.

The Perception of Class - Social and Technical Relations of Production - STEPHEN J. McNAMEE, University of Dayton, REEVE VANNEMAN, University of Maryland 
This research examines the extent to which the social relations of production are perceived as important components of class position.

Flexible Production, Rigid Jobs: Lessons from the Clothing Industry 
IAN M. TAPLIN, Wake Forest University 
Contextualized in the debate on the nature of post-Fordism. That changes in the technical and social relations of production in a labor intensive industry simply amount to labor intensification. Technological changes and work reorganization permit manufacturing flexibility but resemble modifications of Fordism than a new production paradigm.

The Nature and Growth of Capital 
Ancient society, feudal society, bourgeois class society denote a particular stage of development in the history of mankind. A bourgeois relation of production, capital also is a social relation of production.

Social Relations and the Keynesian Multiplier - Massimo De Angelis, University of East London.
Offers a reading of the simple Keynesian multiplier through Karl Marx's lenses. Marxian perspective should be made explicit in any discourse about the capitalist economy, namely the role of the social relations of production.

High Schools and the Social Relations of Production - Shea, Brent Mack 
Current worker dissatisfaction is not easy to explain if it is true that classroom socialization anticipates the social relations of the work place.