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Social Customs And Traditions In Korea

Social Customs And Traditions

Family Customs in Korea
The vast changes that have swept Asia have naturally been felt in the day-to-day lifestyle of every Korean. Traditional customs have undergone a great changes due to the rapid modernization of society. There are those who maintain that Korea is still one of the most Confucian nations in the world. Several generations often lived together and many children were desired for future stability and security.

In recent years the move to urban areas and popularity of new apartments has meant that newly married couples live on their own instead of sharing quarters with other family members. This has given rise to an number of nuclear families in Korea which we call empty nesters.

The eldest male of a family was regarded as the source of supreme authority. Obedience to one's superiors was deemed natural and filial piety in was viewed as the most revered of all Confucian virtues.