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Social Construction of Gender

Gender Roles, Books on Gender and Women, How do we “gender” heterosexuality?, Gender and Women

The view that gender roles are socially constructed, that society and culture create the roles, and that these roles are what is generally considered appropriate behaviour for a person of that specific gender.

Social constructivists propose that gender is constructed by social expectations and gender performance. Essentialist notions of gender difference are being challenged increasingly by research on the social construction of gender.

Judith Lorber is a foundational theorist of social construction of gender difference and has played a vital role in the formation and transformation of gender studies.

Linking theories of gender to mainstream theories on social movements helps us recognize gender as a key factor in social movements and also to identify the role that social movements play in the social construction of gender. - Gender And Social Movements - Gender Processes in Women's Self-Help Movements - VERTA TAYLOR - Ohio State Univ.