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Psychologists Working for Change - Links to psychologists working either as individuals or in groups to bring about social change through their activism. This activism takes diverse forms, ranging from research on activism and social movement to direct participation in activities such as public education and civil disobedience.

Fair trade coffee: Case study in social change - Written By: Miguel A. Antunes, Emilio M. Recio. The problems facing today's citizens of the so-called third world include poverty, malnutrition, backbreaking sweatshop labor, child labor, and land theft ('repossession' of land by banks on behalf of agribusiness monopolies).

As the corporate juggernauts spread throughout the world, pushing forward "free-trade'' and "democracy'' through globalization, the developing nations whom have adopted capitalism is the exploitation of the country's environment and its people. The corporations change the balance of power such that its citizens become dependent; when they can no longer support themselves by their traditional methods, the people have no choice but to move to the cities.

Catastrophe and Social Change - how quick response field studies could be made immediately before, during, and right after disasters. Much of this research was guided by ideas from the sociological speciality of collective behavior.