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Social planning utilizes community values through policy goals for social and physical development. Social theorists, social scientists or sociologists who have linked the subjects of sociology or social science, and planning, in individual lives are rare.

Social planning brings lasting and meaningful changes needed to address the major social problems we face today. There is a need for the cultivation of a culture of democratic planning that values inclusive communities, social justice and environmental justice.

Social planning organizations or Social Planning Councils are informal networks of non-profit community organizations across Canada. These social planning councils focus on a range of community development and social justice issues.

Social Policy Research Centre - University of New South Wales - The Social Welfare Research Centre was established in January 1980 on the basis of a five-year Agreement between the Commonwealth Government and the University of New South Wales. The Centre operates as an independent unit of the University and undertakes research into a wide range of social planning and social policy issues.

Planning Perspectives
The Planning Perspectives is an international journal the explores planning and the environment, publishing historical and prospective articles on the planning process and implementation.

Social Planning - Journals

Progress in Planning
The Progress in Planning explores advances in planning from an interdisciplinary perpsective, covering a wide range of topics including social planning, land use, design and behavior, spatial planning, environmental issues and urban form.

Urban Studies
The Urban Studies explores advances and issues in urban and regional planning, design and analysis drawing on a number of disciplines including geography, economics, sociology and public policy.

Geographical Journal
The Geographical Journal is the publication of the Royal Geographical Society publishing geographical research into cultures, economies and environments.

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
The Journal of Environmental Planning and Management explores integrated approaches planning and management of the environment including applied research, the application of new approaches and techniques, and the evaluation of policy and practice.

Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning
The Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning provides a forum for the critical analysis of environmental policy and planning from a political, social, economic, legal, cultural, aesthetic or planning perspective.

Journal of the American Planning Association
The Journal of the American Planning Association publishes current research on planning and urban development including cutting-edge research with practical application with an archive of text and graphics of Journal articles.

Journal of Urban Affairs
The Journal of Urban Affairs is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to articles that address contemporary urban issues and is directed toward an audience that includes practitioners, policy makers, scholars, and students.

Journal of Urban Planning and Development
The Journal of Urban Planning and Development explores the the application of civil engineering to urban planning aspects such as area-wide transportation, the coordination of planning and programming of public works and utilities, and the development and redevelopment of urban areas.

Land Degradation & Development
The Land Degradation & Development is devoted to Land Degradation, Promotion of Ecological Sustainability, Sustainable Land Management, Socioeconomic Implications for Sustainability and Development.

Landscape and Urban Planning
The Landscape and Urban Planning explores the relationships among landscape, planning and urban design from an interdisciplinary approach, looking at how landscape decisions are made and how they impact the market.

Our Planet
The Our Planet publishes the United Nations Environment Programme s flagship magazine for environmentally sustainable development.

Planning Practice & Research
The Planning Practice & Research explores various dimensions of planning with increasing attention on the distinctive features of planning practice and policy in different countries.

Planning Theory and Practice
The Planning Theory and Practice encourages development of theory and practice in spatial planning, and encourages the development of a spatial dimension in other areas of public policy.

Economics of Planning
The Economics of Planning explores economic analysis and policy making for the development and integration of transition economies; of 2002, it incorporates`MOCT-MOST: Economic Policy in Transitional Economies.

Journal of Architectural and Planning Research.

Planum: The European Journal of Planning.

Environment and Planning A

Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design

Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy

Environment and Planning D - Society & Space

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