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Social Movements Activism and Civil Society Organisations Activism are activism types that today’s youth is showing interest in and it is experiential and goal oriented for political participation. What can we learn when we engage in dialogue with social movement activists? The book Social Movements and Activism in the USA addresses this question for a group of progressive activists in Hartford. Within the twenty-first-century landscape of post-industrialism and neo-liberalism, the book argues for a dialogic and integrative approach to social movement activism. Examines the what, how, and why of social movement activism.

Stephen Valocchi is Professor of Sociology at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Valocchi uses in-depth interviews with people in Hartford, Connecticut, involved in a variety of social movements, activists in anti-globalization, feminist, LGBT, labor, and other social justice organizations.

The experiences of female activists, and reasons for becoming involved in political action differ from men and these differences are important to understand. Gender and Society in the Classroom: Activism and Social Movements Organized by: Jennifer L. Bronson, Howard University, Department of Sociology.