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Social Customs And Traditions

Social customs and traditions or standards of behavior vary across nations and cultures. A good citizen is one who follows social customs, was loyal to national ideals, and had a sense of social responsibility. Culture is considered by most to be the manifestation of national holidays, dress, customs, cuisine, and linguistic characteristics. People have made up stories in the past in order to explain how the world and mankind began or to justify religious belief and social customs. Language is entrenched in social customs, linguistic codes and tacit assumptions, all of which shift in time and between communities.

Social structure has also influenced culture and cultural structures at several different levels of human social development. The role of social customs and conventions in the economy has had a small but enduring place in economic scholarship. Many Asian cultures, such as those of Japan and Korea, are group-oriented, in which emphasis is more on the good of the group than on that of an individual. Members of these societies would tend to sacrifice themselves for the good of the group; the survival of the group means more to society than that of a single person.

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