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Russian Copyright Law

Copyright law, Intellectual Property Rights

The Copyright law of the Russian Federation became effective on August 3, 1993. The Copyright law of 1993 was based upon WIPO model laws and followed the continental European tradition by separating economic and moral rights and including neighbouring rights. Russia had committed in a trade agreement with the U.S. to ensure that new legislation would be fully TRIPS compliant. In 2006, rewritten intellectual property laws were included in part IV of a new Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

These new laws were scheduled replaced all previous intellectual property legislation. The Copyright law of 1993 had specified a general duration of copyrights of 50 years beyond an author's death, or 50 years since the publication of an anonymous work. The implementation act for the law made the new law apply retroactively. The copyright term was extended in 2004 to 70 years for all works still copyrighted.