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Rural Sociology

Sociological approaches to rural policy challenges, issues such as community revitalization, rural demographic changes, rural development, environmental impacts, the structure of food and agricultural production, and rural-urban linkages, rural media, small town development, rural gender issues, agricultural restructuring, youth and ageing in rural areas. Rural sociology is a field of sociology associated with the study of life in small towns and country. It is a scientific study of social arrangements and behaviour amongst peoples that are distanced from points of concentrated activity. Rural sociology involves the examination of statistical data for efficient rural development.

Rural Sociology Abstracts

RURAL AND REMOTE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: THE CASE OF NUNAVUT'S INUIT COMMUNITIES - Peter Ittinuar - The Inuit of Canada’s most northern territory made a remarkable political achievement in having Canada agree to the division of the Northwest Territories. What is the situation in the year 2002, some three years after 1999? Are the Inuit in control? Who runs the operations of the new government? What is the language situation? What are the infrastructural challenges? What issues are brought about by a “co-management” regime?

Rural Sociology Research in the Land Grant Setting - Preston E. La Ferney
ABSTRACT: A brief historical view of rural sociology as a discipline reveals an intense introspection.

Some Observations on Rural Sociology and Its Prospects - R. J. Hildreth
ABSTRACT: Rural sociology developed largely in the land grant-USDA complex. The current status of rural sociology is briefly examined.


Rural Sociology Books

The Sociology of Rural Life - Kindle eBook - Samantha Hillyard (Jun 1, 2007).

Rural Communities: Legacy and Change - Kindle eBook - Cornelia Butler Flora and Jan L Flora (Aug 4, 2012)

Survival of Rural America: Small Victories and Bitter Harvests- Richard E. Wood

A Sociology of Food & Nutrition: The Social Appetite Book by John Germov, Lauren Williams (Editors) Why do we eat the way we do?

The Sociology of Rural Life - Samantha Hillyard

Challenges for Rural America in the Twenty First Century (Rural Studies)

Hollowing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What It Means for America. - Patrick J. Carr, Maria J. Kefalas

Rural Education for the Twenty-First Century: Identity, Place, and Community in a Globalizing World (Rural Studies) - Kai A. Schafft, Alecia Youngblood Jackson

Changing Rural Social Systems: Adaptation and Survival by Nan E. Johnson, Ching-li Wang.

The Community in Rural America by Kenneth P. Wilkinson. 

The Sociology of Agriculture Book by Frederick H. Buttel, Olaf F. Larson, Gilbert W. Gillespie Jr. 

Entitled to Power: Farm Women and Technology, 1913-1963 Book by Katherine Jellison. 

A Nation Divided: Diversity, Inequality, and Community in American Society Book by Phyllis Moen, Donna Dempster-McClain, Henry A. Walker. 

Gender and the Family Labor System: Defining Work in the Rural Midwest - Book by Mary Neth.

Rural Sociology: The Strategy of Change (1957) Book by Charles P. Loomis, J. Allan Beegle.

Rural Social Systems: A Textbook in Rural Sociology and Anthropology (1950) by Charles P. Loomis, J. Beegle Allan. 


Reflexivity, Sociology and the Rural-Urban Distinction in Marx, Tonnies and Weber, in The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology Book by Kieran Bonner.

Mooney, Patrick and Theo J. Majka. 1995. Farmers' and farm workers' movements: social protest in American agriculture. New York: Twayne Publishers.

Rural Sociology Journals

Southern Rural Sociology is the official journal of the Southern Rural Sociological Association. - The SRSA is a section of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, an organization of researchers and Extension staff in 1862 and 1890 land grant colleges and universities in the South. The SRSA is not, however, limited in its membership to people who work at land grant institutions. Membership of the SRSA is drawn from a range of social science interests and disciplines, as well as from the ranks of those involved in the promoting social change.

The Journal Rural Sociology Society provides a forum for cutting edge research that explores inter-disciplinary approaches to emerging issues, new approaches to older questions and material, and policy relevant discussions of rural development, environmental impacts, the structure of food and agricultural production, and rural-urban linkages. In addition to its long-time interest in sociological approaches to rural policy challenges, RS also emphasizes a variety of other issues such as community revitalization and rural demographic changes.

Journal of Rural Cooperation
The Journal of Rural Cooperation was founded in 1973 as a professional magazine devoted to the study of rural cooperatives with particular emphasis on the interaction with the community and, more recently, the social economy. In 1998 the JRC marked its 25th Anniversary with a special issue entitled Rural Cooperatives Toward the Next Century: from Traditional Roles to New Local and Global Challenges.

Journal of Rural Community Psychology
JRCP is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal in electronic form, and is devoted to sociological, psychological and mental health issues in rural and small community settings.

Rural Society Journal
Rural Society is the journal of research into rural and regional social issues, published three times a year by the Centre for Rural Social Research at Charles Sturt University. Although designed to be accessible to a broad readership, it is a fully refereed academic journal, which is recognised by DEST for the purposes of Research Data Collection and is included in the Register of Refereed Journals. Topics covered in Rural Society have included the rural media; small town development; rural gender issues; agricultural restructuring; heritage and tourism; youth and ageing in rural areas and many other rural related topics. Journal of rural social issues, published three times a year by the Centre for Rural Social Research. Peer-reviewed, three issues a year.