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Right-libertarianism, known as libertarian capitalism is also referred to as right-wing libertarianism. Right-libertarianism includes anarcho-capitalism and laissez-faire, minarchist liberalism. Right-libertarians typically see the state as the principal threat to liberty. Right-libertarianism is a political philosophy and type of libertarianism that supports capitalist property rights and defends market distribution of natural resources and private property. Right-libertarianism holds that unappropriated natural resources may be appropriated by individuals. Till recently the term libertarianism was often used as a synonym for anarchism. Left-libertarianism goes further and holds that unappropriated natural resources belong to everyone and must be distributed in some egalitarian manner.

Right-libertarians refer to themselves simply as libertarians. Right-libertarianism has become the most common referent of libertarianism though historically it continues to be widely used to refer to anti-state forms of socialism such as anarchism, and more generally libertarian communism, libertarian Marxism and libertarian socialism. Libertarianism is also synonymous with classical liberalism.

Right-libertarians maintain that unowned natural resources may be appropriated by the first person who discovers them, or merely claims them without the consent of others. Right-libertarianism may be destined for an important role in American life. If that happens, for this would mean an important thrust toward the dismantling of the war machine. Right-libertarians believe that natural resources are unowned and therefore private parties may appropriate them at will without the consent of others.

Right-libertarianism refers to libertarian political philosophies that advocate negative rights, natural law, and a major reversal of the modern welfare state. Right-libertarians are anarchocapitalists, particularly among the youth. Anarchocapitalism, however, also contains within it a large spectrum of differing ideas and attitudes.

Right-libertarianism according to some political analysts, academics and media sources, especially in the United States, is the libertarian philosophy which is supportive of free-market capitalism and strong private property rights, in addition to supporting limited government and self-ownership.

Libertarianism is a term used by political philosophies which seek to promote individual liberty and seek to minimize or abolish the state. Left-libertarianism endorses full self-ownership, but differs on unappropriated natural resources. Leonard Read rejected the concepts of Left-libertarianism and Right-libertarianism, calling them authoritarianism.