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Journal of Political Ecology: Case Studies in History and Society - On-line content, with articles and book reviews on anthropology, environment, and place.


Journal of political and military sociology - The JPMS is an independent, interdisciplinary, and biannual publication, which has withstood the test of time for its uninterrupted publication. In part, this was accomplished because from its very inception the JPMS set high standards of scholarship and excellence.

At the same time, over the years the JPMS has been fortunate to have the professional support of some of the leading scholars in the fields of political and military sociology. Since its founding in 1973, the Journal of political and military sociology has helped to generate scholarly interest in political and military sociology by seeking to advance and disseminate social science knowledge in these sub-fields and other areas in social sciences.

By combining the two areas of political and military sociology into one journal, the JPMS has brought together a number of scholars with differing perspectives into the evaluation process of manuscripts.