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Political Sociology is the Study of Socio-Political Phenomena. The founders of political sociology were Max Weber and Moisey Ostrogorsky. Political sociology deals with power and the intersection of personality, social structure and politics. In political sociology, political science and sociology intersect.

The discipline uses comparative history to analyze systems of government and economic organization to understand the political climate of societies. Political sociologists study every socio-political phenomenon peculiar to our times, circumstances, fact, experience, occurrence, happening, event, incident and episode:

Political activities of social classes, racial and ethnic groups, genders, generations, elites and masses,

The political activities of gays and other groups like religious groups,

The political activities of terrorists and their motivation, strategy and agenda,

The ideologies that motivate political action,

The political impact of the internet encompasses a number of issues: free access, technological determinism, encryption, commodification, intellectual property, the public sphere, decentralization, anarchy, propaganda, activism, terrorism, gender and ethnicity.

The impact of social forces on social policy concerned with every area of human action and welfare.

Journal of Political and Military Sociology - Considers a articles with diverse methodological and theoretical approaches. Politics and the established institutions are broadly defined to include not only the more established institutions within a given state and society but also those phenomena and political processes which are often outside the boundaries of the established order.