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Peter Michael Blau

Among distinguished sociologists, Peter Michael Blau was an American sociologist born in Austria. Peter Michael Blau specialised in organizational and social structures, particular bureaucracy. Peter Blau's theories had many applications within phenomenological sociology, social mobility, occupational opportunity and heterogeneity. Peter Blau was the first to map out the wide variety of social forces, known as “Blau Space”. Blau-space is still used as a guide by sociologists in many areas of sociology. Blau also contributed to social exchange theory and conducted major empirical investigations of occupational structure and the structure of business organizations.

Peter Blau's works include: The Dynamics of Bureaucracy (1955); Formal Organizations: A Comparative Approach (1962), with W. R. Scott; Exchange and Power in Social Life (1964); The American Occupational Structure (1967), with O. D. Duncan; The Structure of Organizations ([971), with R. A. Schoenherr.