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Paramount Chieftainship is political system similar to a kingdom that brings together a number of partly autonomous villages or communities under the hierarchical rule of a grand chief. Paramount chieftainship is the highest-level traditional chieftainship or political leadership in a regional or local polity or country. Paramount Chieftain is also a title created during the Colonial era by British administrators as a substitute for the word "king" in order to maintain that only the British monarch held that title. The Wallisian identity, is composed of a specific socioeconomic, political and ideological system which, analogous to the situation in other western-Polynesian societies such as Tonga, Futuna, Samoa and Rotuma, may be defined as a configuration of a paramount chieftainship and corresponding system of asymmetrical ideology based on the mana-taboo complex.

Strategic Murders. Social Drama in Tonga’s Chiefly System. Paul van der Grijp. Article deals a period of decline of the paramount chieftainship which was a continuation and intensification of an already existing competition between the Tongan chiefs. The major research questions of this article are: How was the disintegration of the Tongan system of paramount chieftainship brought about? What were its implications of the disintegration of the system of paramount chieftainship?

BASUTOLAND AND ITS NEW PARAMOUNT CHIEF - TRACEY Afr Aff (Lond). 1940. Paramount chieftainship would apply to the Ngonde, Tumbuka of Rumphi, the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao because they had centralised system of government.

Bingu practising tribalism - Muluzi
by NATION REPORTER. Extract: History professor at Chancellor College Kings Phiri said the Lomwe tribe has had no paramount chief because it is a tribe which had no centralised system of government and the installation of one now could be political. It is very difficult to accurately assess the way people are elevated nowadays. There is so much politics in it. Historically, the Lomwe did not have paramount chiefs.