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Overrepresentation occurs when crime statistics show that certain acts of crime are committed at a higher rate by certain sections of the people. Overrepresentation is a situation where a group has a number of its members in some condition in greater numbers than their population would suggest. If a group makes up 20% of the population then a researcher might for example predict, other things being equal, that they would represent 20% of offenders, victims and those in prison. Men are overrepresented in prisons. Aboriginals are overrepresented in prisons. Women are overrepresented as victims in sexual assault offences. Overrepresentation occurs when, for example, crime statistics show that car accidents and traffic violations are committed at a higher rate by certain sections of the people or a certain gender.

Reducing Overrepresentation of Minorities in Juvenile Justice: Development of Community-Based Programs in Pennsylvania - Wayne N. Welsh, Philip W. Harris, Patricia H. Jenkins. Although minority overrepresentation in juvenile justice settings has been identified as a persistent problem, interventions are scarce. To address minority overrepresentation in its juvenile justice system, Pennsylvania funded nine community-based intervention programs.

The Overrepresentation of Black Students in Special Education Classrooms
Kimberly Suzette Peterz, Chicago, Illinois. Abstract: The purpose of this research was to evaluate the degree to which Black students are overrepresented and misplaced in special education.

Overrepresentation of bilingual and poor children in special education classes: A continuing problem - Connor M. H, Boskin J
Sufficient research has not been directed toward the effect of language and dialect on the placement of children in special education classes. There is a need for further research into the continuing problem of the overrepresentation of poor and bilingual children in special education classes.