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Types of minorities and typical sources of minority conflict, the problems minorities experience, their grievances and demands form a major part of study regarding minority problems. Minority as a group is a group distinguished by being on the margins of power, status or the allocation of resources within the society. Minority Group is a small group of people differing from the rest of a community in ethnic origin, religion, language, or culture; a member of such a group. In India, muslims and christians are minority as a group. Centre for Multiethnic Research is a cross-disciplinary forum for the study of the cultural issues, social phenomena, and processes of change related to life's ethnic dimensions and its minority problems.

This field of study also covers ethnic relationships and processes in multiculturalism in societies, as well as the effects of international migration within cultures leading to minority problems. The Department of Minority Studies at Indiana University Northwest - The curriculum is designed to acquaint the student with the unique Black and Latino experiences and minority groups in general. It prepares the student to assume positions in fields, such as social services, minority group relations, and community development. Students also pursue graduate level study in the humanities and social sciences.

CEMES: Centre for European Migration and Ethnic Studies operated between 1998 - 2002, specialising in policy-relevant research, information and publishing on international migration, ethnic relations and related topics in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Minority Problems in developed countries? We can link modern minority problems to the nation-state concept due to the temptation to perpetuate cultural imperialism, linguistic hegemony and cultural hegemony.

Books On Minority Problems

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Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Among Sexual Minority Women: Rising Like the Phoenix Book by Kimberly F., PhD. Balsan (Editor), Kimberly F. Balsam (Editor)

Sexual Minorities: Discrimination, Challenges, and Development in America
Book by Michael J Sullivan (Editor)

Dislocating China : Muslims, Minorities, and Other Subaltern Subjects Dru C. Gladney

The Quest for Identity: From Minority Groups to Generation Xers by Donald M. Taylor

Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Children
Book by Richard Williams (Foreword), Kedar Nath Dwivedi (Editor).