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Military sociology covers the impact of the military on society and the impact of society on the military and contemporary military issues, situations, and problems using a sociological perspective. In military sociology the military is researched as a social institution.

Military sociology researches the sociological concepts, principles, and theories used in the study of the military. Military sociology is the scientific method to the study of the military from a sociological perspective.

The reason for trans-/interdisciplinarity lies in the simple truth that the military is a highly complex social phenomenon . . . that cuts through various levels, touches several different contexts, and is thus subject to multiple processes of interpretation. - Kummel

Using sociological concepts, theories, and methods, we can analyze both the internal organization and practices of the armed forces and the relationships between the military and social institutions. To understand the military and its place in society, it is necessary to consider the historical forces that have shaped the present. Examine past events and policies as well as current ones.

Experts in military sociology and military history disagree on many important points. They disagree because the world of war is open to interpretation. Sometimes different interpretations result from the weight of evidence favoring one view or the other. Which counts more, for example, organization or technology? Who wins, those with the greater numbers, or those who strike first?

Sometimes, different views result from incomplete descriptions. Descriptions of one and the same battle frequently include some details and exclude others, according to which writer you read.