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Sociologically speaking in modern times the ‘community’ has been replaced by a ‘mass’, a set of autonomous and disconnected individuals. The mass media is that media which are targeted at the mass rather than at specific groups or communities. The study of leisure in a mass society requires the study of the mass media. We live in a society saturated by mass media all forms of leisure have been affected by this agent of socialization.

There a variety of mass media. Film, television, radio, or recorded music. Digital media comprises Internet and mobile mass communication. The mass media, including print and broadcast media, are being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations. Mass media play a unique role in the shaping of a society where men and women enjoy equal rights. Mass media plays and important role raising women's legal awareness which is very important for the creation of an egalitarian society.

The Mass Media and Their Role in Social Life
Yu. A. Sherkovin. Pages 65-84 | Published online: 19 Dec 2014

The Mass Media & Social Problems. - Michael Argyle, Editor. D. Howitt, Author.
The Historical and Theoretical Background to the Debate on the Mass Media and Social Problems. Models of mass communications research and mass communications theory. The Mass Media and Conflict in Society: The mass media and crises. The Mass Media and the Treatment of Minority Groups: Race and the mass media. Sexism and the mass media. Violence and the mass media. Crime and the mass media. The Mass Media and the Social Services.