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Technology and knowledge are now the key factors of production. Knowledge is the basic form of capital. Economic growth is driven by the accumulation of knowledge. Though knowledge economy is a concept commonly deemed too ambiguous and elusive to hold any significance, the knowledge economy is a potent force pervading global and national policy circles.

Understanding of the knowledge economy and the nature of the knowledge economy. The balance between knowledge and resources has shifted so far towards the former that knowledge has become perhaps the most important factor determining the standard of living. Today's most technologically advanced economies are truly knowledge economies.

The Knowledge Economy by Dale Neef (Paperback - Nov 1997)

Knowledge and Class: A Marxian Critique of Political Economy by Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff (Paperback - Jul 15, 1989)

Common Knowledge: News and the Construction of Political Meaning (American Politics and Political Economy Series) by W. Russell Neuman, Marion R. Just, and Ann N. Crigler (Paperback - Oct 15, 1992).

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening (Business Briefcase Series) by Debra M Amidon (Paperback - May 1, 1997)

Knowledge in Organizations (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy by Laurence Prusak (Paperback - April 1, 1997)

From Global to Metanational: How Companies Win in the Knowledge Economy by Yves L. Doz, Jose Santos, and Peter Williamson (Hardcover - Nov 15, 2001)

Knowledge Management and Organisational Design (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy) by Paul S Myers (Paperback - Sep 12, 1996)

Power & Knowledge in the Global Economy: Politics & the Rhetoric of School Reform (The Sociocultural, Political and Historical Studies in Education Series) by David A. Gabbard (Hardcover - Sep 1, 1999)

Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy: Opportunities and Challenges for the Knowledge Economy (International Series on Technology Policy and Innovation) by Pedro Conceicao, David V. Gibson, Manuel V. Heitor, and Syed Shariq (Hardcover - May 30, 2000)

Rise of the Knowledge Worker (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy) by James Cortada Ph.D. (Paperback - Jul 1, 1998)

The Guru Guide to the Knowledge Economy: The Best Ideas for Operating Profitably in a Hyper-Competitive World by Joseph H. Boyett and Jimmie T. Boyett (Paperback - Jul 6, 2001)

Public Policy in Knowledge-Based Economies: Foundations and Frameworks (New Horizons in Public Policy Series) by David Rooney, Greg Hearn, Thomas Mandeville, and Richard Joseph (Hardcover - Jul 2003)

Rewarding Excellence : Pay Strategies for the New Economy by Edward E. Lawler III (Hardcover - Jan 2000)

Knowledge Management in the New Economy by Rick Blunt (Paperback - Feb 2, 2001)

Knowledge and Communities (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy,) by Eric Lesser, Michael Fontaine, and Jason Slusher (Paperback - Sep 27, 2000)

Services and the Knowledge-Based Economy (Science, Technology & the Ipe) by M. Boden (Paperback - Feb 28, 2001)

Knowledge Economies in the Middle East and North Africa: Toward New Development Strategies (Wbi Development Studies) by Jean-Eric Aubert, Jean-Louis Reiffers, and WORLD BANK FORUM ON KNOWLEDGE FOR DEVELO (Paperback - Jan 2004)

Technology and Markets for Knowledge - Knowledge Creation, Diffusion and Exchange within a Growing Economy (Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation Volume 22) by Bernard Guilhon (Hardcover - Nov 30, 2000)

Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy Series) by David Smith (Paperback - Jan 26, 2000)

China's Future in the Knowledge Economy: Engaging the New World [A book review from: Journal of Asian Economics] by R.U. Mendoza (Digital - April 1, 2004) - HTML

Learning for Innovation in the Global Knowledge Economy: A European and Southeast Asian Perspective by Dimitrios Konstadakopulos (Paperback - Feb 15, 2004)

Knowledge and Economic Conduct: The Social Foundations of the Modern Economy (Studies in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy) by Nico Stehr (Paperback - Jul 6, 2002)

Prices and Knowledge: A Market Process Perspective (Foundations of the Market Economy) by Esteban Thomsen (Hardcover - Jun 5, 1992)

The Mismanagement of Talent: Employability and Jobs in the Knowledge Economy by Phillip Brown, Anthony Hesketh, and Sara Williams (Paperback - Sep 30, 2004)

The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy) by David A. Klein (Paperback - Jan 6, 1998)

Delivering the Vision: Public Services for the Information Society and the Knowledge Economy by Eileen Milner (Paperback - Jun 28, 2002)

Managing Multinationals in a Knowledge Economy, Volume 15: Economics, Culture, and Human Resources (Advances in International Management) by Joseph Cheng and Michael Hitt (Hardcover - Dec 16, 2003)

Entrepreneurial Wage Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy by Adam K. Korobow (Hardcover - Oct 31, 2002)

Patent Or Perish, A Guide For Gaining And Maintaining Competitive Advantage In The Knowledge Economy by Eric Stasik and Guy Stasik (Paperback - May 2003)

Constructing the Infrastructure for the Knowledge Economy: Methods and Tools, Theory and Practice by Henry Linger, Julie Fisher, W. Gregory Wojtkowski, and Wita Wojtkowski (Hardcover - Sep 20, 2004)

New Economy Excellence Series, New Economy Energy: Unleashing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage by Sultan Kermally (Paperback - Jul 11, 2001)

The Knowledge Economy in India by Frank-Jurgen Richter and Parthasarathi Banerjee (Hardcover - Jan 18, 2003)

Knowledge, Space, Economy by John R. Bryson (Hardcover - Feb 5, 2001)

The Economic Impact of Knowledge (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy) by Dale Neef, Tony Siesfeld, and Jacquelyn Cefola (Paperback - Jul 28, 1998)

Digital Bridges: Developing Countries in the Knowledge Economy by John Senyo C. Afele (Hardcover - Oct 23, 2002)

The Knowledge Economy, Information Technologies and Growth by Luigi Paganetto (Hardcover - Dec 2003)

Futurework : Putting Knowledge To Work In the Knowledge Economy by Charles D Winslow (Paperback - Oct 1, 1998)

Capital and Knowledge in Asia: Changing Power Relations (Routledgecurzon Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia) by Heidi Dahles (Hardcover - Aug 5, 2003)

Innovation Policy in the Knowledge-Based Economy (Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation) by M.P. Feldman and Albert N. Link (Hardcover - Feb 28, 2001)

Valuing Technology: The New Science of Wealth in the Knowledge Economy (Wiley Finance Series.) by Chris Westland (Hardcover - Dec 14, 2001)

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing: Understanding Our Global Knowledge Economy by Dale Neef (Hardcover - Nov 20, 1998)

The New Innovators: How Canadians are shaping the knowledge-based economy by Roger Voyer and Patti Ryan (Hardcover - Jan 1, 1994)

Entrepreneurship and the Market Process: An Inquiry into the Growth of Knowledge (Foundations of the Market Economy) by David Harper (Hardcover - Jan 9, 1996)

Neo-Industrial Organising: Renewal by Action and Knowledge Formation in a Project-Intensive Economy (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies, 9) by Eskil Ekstedt (Hardcover - Jul 26, 1999)

Knowledge Management Tools (Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy) by Rudy Ruggles (Paperback - Dec 25, 1996)

Knowledge and Innovation in the New Service Economy by Birgitte Andersen, Jeremy Howells, Richard Hull, and Ian Miles (Hardcover - Feb 2001)

Renovating the Ivory Tower: Canadian Universities and the Knowledge Economy (Policy Study, 37) by David Laidler (Paperback - Mar 2002)

China and the Knowledge Economy: Seizing the 21st Century (Wbi Development Studies) by Carl J. Dahlman and Jean-Eric Aubert (Paperback - Sep 2001)

Bright Satanic Mills: Universities, Regional Development and the Knowledge Economy by Alan Harding, Alan Scott, Stephan Laske, and Christian Burtscher.