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Karaoke Capitalism

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"Karaoke" capitalism refers to the philosophy of imitation, engrained into the corporate mindset by such popular concepts as benchmarking and best practice. karaoke capitalism is institutionalized imitation, where copycat firms dominate. The only way to survive is to chuck convention, to embrace your company's individual personality.

The karaoke capitalism economy is dominated by individuals with endless choice. Karaoke capitalism club is also home to institutionalized imitation. Only imagination and innovation place societies, organizations and individuals center-stage.

"No matter how talented you are in a karaoke bar, you are going to end up being a pale copy of an original." "Competing in a world of karaoke capitalism is about daring to be different." - Jonas Ridderstale.

Karaoke Capitalism: Management For Mankind - Jonas Ridderstrale, Kjell Nordstrom - A workout for the wits in Karaoke Capitalism.

Tom Peters said "If you loved Funky Business as much as I did, you’ll love Karaoke Capitalism."

Karaoke Capitalism : Daring to Be Different in a Copycat World
Jonas Ridderstrale, Kjell A. Nordstrom.