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Inductive reasoning is the development of a theory or a conclusion after consideration of several observations with empirical evidence. Inductive reasoning means leading on to an action, or inducing. Inductive reasoning is based on, or characterized by using a method of induction. Grounded Theory is derived through inductive reasoning.

Deductive Reasoning versus Inductive Reasoning - Noah D. Alper - In his History of Civilization in England, Henry Thomas Buckle makes some interesting observations on the respective merits of the deductive and inductive methods of propagating thought in the development of civilization. In the deductive method we begin with a general conclusion and then attempt to point out the facts which support it. In the inductive method we first select our facts and then seek to lead to the acceptance of the general conclusions or principles.

Supporting Inductive Reasoning in Adaptive Virtual Learning Environment 
T. Lin, Kinshuk, and P. McNab (New Zealand) 
Inductive reasoning ability is the most important of mental abilities that give rise to human intelligence. Individual's inductive reasoning capability can be supported using adaptive techniques for improved learning performance.

Inductive reasoning involves making useful generalizations about the environment based on a limited number of observations. It is an important tool that people use to build the models of reality they need to function effectively.