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Individual pathology is a term used to refer to biological or psychological explanations of criminal or deviant behavior by individuals. In individual pathology the assumption is that the deviant behaviour of individuals can be at least partly explained by some physical or psychological trait that makes them different from normal law abiding citizens. Bowen family systems theory suggests that individuals who report high levels of individual pathology will also report having been raised in families characterized by high conflict and low adaptability. Combining individual and family assessment measures, or using one type of measure to understand the results of the other may be possible through the application of systems theory.

Greater use of penal custody for children is made in England and Wales than in most other industrialised democratic countries in the world. The juvenile inmates of state prisons (Youthful Offender System YOS) and private jails, routinely comprise some of society's most disadvantaged, distressed and damaged children (Goldson, 2002) - Child deaths in penal custody: beyond individual pathology - Barry Goldson

Workplace bullying: individual pathology or organizational culture? In: Workplace Violence: Issues, trends, strategies. Einarsen, S and Hoel, H and Zapf, D and Cooper, CL (2005).

Gambling Addiction as an Individual Pathology: A Commentary
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Terrorism as Individual Pathology - A common suggestion is that there must be something wrong with terrorists. Terrorists must be crazy, or suicidal. Psychology of Terrorism: Coping with the Continuing Threat - by Chris E. Stout - 2004 - Psychology - 267 pages.