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Gross Counts of Crime is the count of the total amount of a crime in a given community. In Gross Counts of Crime there is no distinction between crime categories.

Total amount of crime in a given community is a gross count of crime. It is usually better to talk about the number of crimes within a specific category, say ‘violent crime’.

However, one finds that a majority of violent crimes are 'assault level 1' crimes, the least serious form of assault and not classed as violent crime in the USA. Criminologists calculate crime rate by dividing the amount of crime by the population size, multiply by 100,000.

The term 'gross count' is also used in other fields: "One gross count by Putnam (2002) shows that the number of articles on social capital rose from about 20 in the years preceding 1980 to about 1003 in the latter half of the 1990s.

Nothing illustrates the rising star of the concept better than the fact that the World Bank has now included social capital among its main criteria in assessing the feasibility of its projects (Edwards & Foley, 2001)."

"When it comes to camcorders, the real news is in CCD resolution. Sony's new DCR-TRVT0 HandyCam Mini DV camcorder pushes the envelope with an amazing gross count of more than 2-megapixels (2MP), 1.9MP effective for still image capture, and this is the first camcorder I've seen to have 1-plus megapixels in video resolution."

"These numbers represent a gross count of diagnoses recorded at the time of treatment: in some cases an individual may have been treated more than once for the same injury or poisoning."