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What is Feminization of Poverty? Feminization of poverty is the Increasing female proportion of the population who are in poverty. Feminization of poverty is the social process in which poverty among women becomes much higher than among men. Diana Pearce coined the term feminization of poverty in 1978. Feminization of poverty is increasing the female proportion of the population with lower incomes than men. Social policy, structure of the family and other aspects of society have resulted in the feminization of poverty.

The Feminization of Poverty in the United States - Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Family Factors 
Marjorie E. Starrels, Univ of Michigan, Sally Bould, Univ of Delaware, Leon J. Nicholas, Bates College - The contribution of gender, race, ethnicity, marital, and parental status to the feminization of poverty. The forces that have generated feminization of poverty.

FEMINIST POLITICAL DISCOURSES: Radical Versus Liberal Approaches to the Feminization of Poverty and Comparable Worth - JOHANNA BRENNER, Portland State Univ 
Feminist campaigns regarding feminization of poverty and comparable worth are analyzed.

Feminization of Poverty and African-American Families: Illusions and Realities 
Donna L. Franklin - Affilia, Vol. 7, No. 2, (1992)
Feminization of poverty was a term coined to study the increasing rates of poverty among mother-only families.

A Contrast of Black and White Feminization of Poverty
Emily Northrop: Southwestern Univ, Eastern Economic Journal, 1994, vol. 20, issue 4
Feminization of poverty was more extreme among blacks than among whites. The deterioration of female-headed household poverty status relative to that of the rest of the population and a demographic transition into female-headed households.

Using Postmodern Feminist Theory to Deconstruct "Phallacies" of Poverty 
Kathleen E. Nuccio, Roberta G. Sands - Affilia, Vol. 7, No. 4, (1992)
Phallocentric biases in current theories of the feminization of poverty. Questions the proposed solution to the feminization of poverty.

Fighting the Feminization of Poverty: Socialist-Feminist Analysis and Strategy 
Wendy Sarvasy, Judith Vanallen, Review of Radical Political Economics, Vol. 16, No. 4, (1984)
Socialist Feminism provides a corrective to the strict feminization of poverty analysis by incorporating analyses of race and class differences. The concept of women's dual role is used to analyze and to examine gender and class struggles.

The Feminization of Poverty? 
VICTOR R. FUCHS, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) 
Feminization of poverty was widespread in the 1960s and between 1979 and 1984 women's share actually decreased. Feminization of poverty was more severe for blacks than for whites. An increase in the proportion of women in households without men was the cause of feminization of poverty.

What Does Feminization Of Poverty Mean? It Isn't Just Lack Of Income 
Fukuda-Parr S. - Feminist Economics, Volume 5, Number 2, 1 July 1999
Challenges the use of poverty among female-headed households as a measure of feminization of poverty.

Work, women employment and feminization of poverty in Nigeria 
Friday Asiazobor Eboiyehi, Adeyinka Oladayo Bankole, O Andrew Eromonsele.
The continuous perpetuation of the inferiority of female gender to their male counterpart. The deepening poverty has aroused a lot of interest in the discussion of the reality of the feminization of poverty. An attempt at contributing to the on-going debate on feminization of poverty. Policy considerations to facilitate the elimination of all gender colourations in the place of work that perpetuates feminization of poverty. - Gender and Behavior Vol. 4(1). 

Family Structure, Race, and the Feminization of Poverty
Kniesner, Thomas J. And Others. 
Divorce or giving birth out of wedlock causes poverty. Since 1970 the increase in the number of poor women has exceeded that of poor men resulting in a resulting in what is termed the feminization of poverty.

The Feminization of Poverty. 
Garza, Janet K. Weir 
Definition of poverty and the the definition of feminization of poverty.

The Racialization and Feminization of Poverty?
Rebecca J. Emigh (UCLA), Eva Fodor, and Iván Szelényi (Yale University)
Poverty is studied as a unchanging social problems that can be ameliorated through specific social policies.

FEMINIZATION AND JUVENILIZATION OF POVERTY: Trends, Relative Risks, Causes, and Consequences - Suzanne M. Bianchi ­ University of Maryland
Trends in feminization of poverty and juvenilization of poverty.

A Different Type of Gender Gap: How Women and Men Experience Poverty 
Éva Fodor, Department of Gender Studies, Central European University. 
Explores gender differences in the experience of destitution.

Analysis Of Feminization Of Poverty Through The Denial of Access Of Female Children to School: Case Of Rural Southeast Anatolia - LEYLA SEN, HISTORY DEPARTMENT, BILKENT UNIVERSITY, TURKEY 
Denial was justified by the cultural, social and religious norms. Female school age children have less chance for socialization.

Schnepf, Sylke Viola (2006) The feminization of poverty in central and eastern Europe: evidence from subjective data. University of Southampton
Feminisation of poverty suggests that women had to bear a higher share of transition costs than men. The studies examining the feminisation of poverty in transition countries is based on household data. The cross-sectional data suggest that the feminisation of poverty has been a pre-transition phenomenon.

Female headship, feminization of poverty and welfare.
Kimenyi MS, Mbaku JM. - South Econ J. 1995 Jul;62(1):44-52.
Welfare benefits have played a significant role in the feminization of poverty.

The paradox of the advantaged elder and the feminization of poverty. - Gonyea JG.
Boston University School of Social Work, MA 02215. - Soc Work. 1994 Jan;39(1):35-41
Explores the emergence of the concepts of the advantaged elder and the feminization of poverty. Societal perceptions of the advantaged elder and the feminization of poverty for older women.

The feminization of poverty: A call for primary prevention 
The Journal of Primary Prevention - Barbara Levy Simon
School of Social Work, Columbia University, 622 W. 113 St., 10025 New York, NY 
The feminization of poverty is fueled by complex cultural and material forces.

Valentine M. Moghadam
Women among the poor suffer both from the denial of their human rights on account of gender inequality and on account of poverty.

Female Headship, Feminization of Poverty and Welfare 
Mwangi S. Kimenyi, John Mukum Mbaku - Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 62, No. 1 (Jul., 1995)

Black Americans and the Feminization of Poverty: The Intervening Effects of Unemployment 
Harrell R. Rodgers, Jr. - Journal of Black Studies, Vol. 17, No. 4 (Jun., 1987), pp. 402-417.