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Educational Inequality

Educational inequality leads to differences in the educational success of individuals and suppresses social and economic mobility. Educational inequality is caused by inadequate school funding, qualified and experienced teachers to socially excluded communities. Educational inequality also arises because of the reluctance to educate the girl child particularly in contries like India. From ancient times educational inequality prevailed in India, Education was reserved for boys belonging to the Brahmin caste. The right to education is still a battle in most parts of India. People prefer getting their daughters married off early than educate them. Education inequality also arises from the standard of knowledge and study provided by various institutes.

Changing Educational Inequality in India in the Context of Affirmative Action
Sonalde Desai and Veena Kulkarni
Abstract: Indian society suffers from substantial educational inequality, employment, and income based on caste and ethnicity. Compensatory or positive discrimination policies reserve 15% of the seats in institutions of higher education and state and central government jobs for people of the lowest caste, the Scheduled Caste; 7.5% of the seats are reserved for the Scheduled Tribe.
These programs have been strengthened by improved enforcement and increased funding in the 1990s. This positive discrimination has also generated popular backlash and on-the-ground sabotage of the programs. This paper examines the changes in educational attainment between various social groups for a period of nearly 20 years to see whether educational inequality have declined over time.We find little improvement in educational inequality at the college level.