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eBayization is a postmodern form of economic and social organization powered by information technology in the age of globalization. eBayization provides variety, adventure, and surprise. McDonaldization produces homogeneity and predictability. McDonaldization emphasizes a centrally coordinated market, whereas eBayization brings the freedoms and abuses of a risk society. Whereas McDonaldization represents a particular collection of forces, there is a countertrend in post-industrial societies that we call eBayization. EBayization and Starbuckization are replacing McDonaldization and thereby is indicative of deMcDonaldization.

It is easy to see how eBayization is part of the problem of global warming. High levels of consumption are largely to blame for global warming, and since both McDonaldization and eBayization are processes that facilitate massive levels of consumption, both are implicated in rising world temperatures (Ritzer 2008). Ritzer's McDonaldization thesis holds that McDonald's, with its efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control, is a good model for the forces of modern capitalism that structure both production and consumption.