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Dictatorship is government that has the power to govern without consent of those being governed. Dictatorship is a contrast to democracy. It is Totalitarianism when a state regulates nearly every aspect of public and private behavior of the people. Totalitarianism also corresponds to pluralism. Military Dictatorship may be official or unofficial and may not qualify as stratocratic. Military dictatorships is contrasted with Communist State.

Fascism is political doctrine opposed to democracy and demanding submission to political leadership and authority. A key principle of fascism is the belief that the whole society has a shared destiny and purpose which can only be achieved by iron discipline, obedience to leadership and an all-powerful state. Fascism first developed in Italy, under the leadership of Benito Mussolini (dictator of Italy from 1922 to 1943) and later influenced the development of German fascism in the Nazi movement led by Adolf Hitler (dictator of Germany from 1933-1945).

In military dictatorship political power resides with the military. Military dictatorships is similar to a Stratocracy, a state ruled directly by the military.