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What is CyberCommunity? and what is Virtual community?

Cybercommunity exists within CMC environments in cyberspace. Cybercommunity is a virtual community that includes one or more groups of people. Virtual communities allow people to interact with each other using different types of computer messages. Within cyberspace cybersociology the terms cybercommunity or a virtual community are used interchangeably as new forms of community. Cybercommunities communicate through forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, whatsapp or innumerable instant message platforms. Cybercommunity or a virtual community enables people from even small towns to communicate with people from anywhere in the world.

CyberCommunity Dangers

Through cybercommunities people engage with other people as friends or develop strong personal or professional bonds, but getting romantically engaged could be problematic. The dangers to beware in a cybercommunity or virtual communities is that the information shared may or may not be true. A Cybercommunity or virtual community is a congregation created for a specific purpose between like minded people. Cybersecurity laws are being enacted in countries around.

Reconfiguration of Communities (cybercommunities) in Cyberspace

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Source Title: Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Organizations.
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Abstract: Since the emergence of new forms of communities in cyberspace, many scholars have attempted to define the nature of those communities as online, cyber, and virtual.